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Welcome to the Child Development Department.  You will learn all about children from pre conception to 5 years of age, including family life, pregnancy and ante-natal care, birth, caring for the child’s physical needs, food, warmth, clothing and emotional needs.  You will learn how children grow and develop.  You will use and develop research skills during your course work units.

 You may choose to work with children from one group in society sometime in the future. You are almost certain to mix with children at some point in your life. You may be a parent, aunt or uncle and your knowledge could help you and the child.  This course could help you with your future parenting skills.

You will be assessed in a number of ways - unit 1 a Written Paper 8 questions totalling 40% of the final grade. Unit 2 a Research Task on one of the topics in the specification totalling 20% of the final grade and Unit 3 a Child Study where you observe and record changes in the development of one child over a period of at least 3 months totalling 40% of the final grade.


Miss A Holmes


GCSE Child Development – AQA