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Philosophy, Ethics and Values

Welcome to the Philosophy, Ethics and Values Department

Mission Statement:




This course is an exciting opportunity to understand and engage with the issues which affect us all. The study of philosophy, ethics and British values is an essential part of the curriculum; the five year course will equip students with important life skills.

The subject aims to foster questioning, understanding of contemporary issues facing the world around us, as well as focussing on social issues closer to home. Students will be able to undertake independent projects, as well as participate directly in the local and school community.

Subject Leader:

Ms E Hyner













Across Years 7 to 11 students will study issues surrounding:

  • The use of drugs and alcohol
  • Money management
  • Debating effectively and negotiation skills
  • Online security and the safe use of mobile phones
  • The culture and practises of the six major world faiths
  • Issues surrounding immigration and human rights
  • Sexual wellbeing and building healthy relationships
  • Careers and focussing on the future
  • War and terrorism

There is the opportunity to take this learning further with the Religious Studies GCSE.

AQA Religious Studies A comprises of two examinations;

  • The study of belief, teaching and practices
  • Thematic studies, including attitudes towards crime, drugs and issues of life and death.

The focus faiths studied are Christianity and Buddhism, however students will be learning about the six major world faiths.